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Sterling is an excellent engineering firm. HCC uses them on our most technically challenging cleanroom and dryroom projects. HCC is particularly pleased with the true engineering that Sterling produces in terms of understanding the requirements of the project and being able to engineer the project without the use of vendors doing the engineering for them. Because HCC’s projects are extremely technically challenging we find that the approach that Sterling brings to our projects helps us ensure that our customers get exactly what they need from an operating condition when the project is completed. Our projects have always been successful with Sterling on board. -Blake Hodess, President, Hodess Construction Corporation

Over the years Sterling Engineering has become our go-to engineering consultant for literally hundreds of projects. Some of those have been major building renovations encompassing central plant upgrades, others have been more rudimentary classroom and office renovations, and still others have tapped into Sterling’s process engineering talent and finesse. No matter how simple or complicated, how crazy the schedule, how impossible the project may seem to some, Sterling delves right in with full force and effect. Top notch engineering talent. Smooth communications and management. Seamless teaming with our people. All are examples of Sterling’s uncompromising commitment to excellence. It’s what keeps Northeastern coming back. -Ron Lavoie, Associate VP Operations & Services, Facilities Administration, Northeastern University

Sterling and Holden Mechanical share a mutual respect and appreciation that has enabled our firms to complete many successful projects together. In this business – construction – sometimes the relationships between the contractors and the designers are strained. It’s unfortunate, but all too common. Sterling blows away the stereotypes. The folks at Sterling are down-to-earth, hard-working engineers and designers who are outside-the-box thinkers. We’ve done several projects together and every time we can count on Sterling as our creative partner, not our adversary. Their excellence goes beyond technical skills and capability; they focus on solving the challenges that inevitably crop up out in the field, working with our people every step of the way. -Paul Polewarczyk, President, Holden Mechanical Contractors

From our first encounter with Sterling Engineering back in the winter of 2000 we have been consistently impressed with their engineering savvy and sophistication. Our first project together was for the Connecticut optical components division of a global high-tech manufacturer and involved sensitive and complex gas and chemical storage and process piping supply systems. Mark Hemingway, the lead mechanical process engineer on the project, provided a precise design that was memorialized in well-executed construction documents. Throughout that project there were a variety of challenges – not unusual for a project of its complexity – and Mark met each one head-on with a clear vision of what the budget allowed and the schedule demanded. Years later we still call on Sterling for engineering support on projects large and small. -Kyle Reagan, Executive Vice President, DECCO