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Diagnostics – Case Study 3


Client Need


This high profile institutional client required a load and stress analysis for the expansion of an existing underground high pressure steam piping system. High, medium and low pressure systems were to be installed with stresses throughout the system limited to 15,000 psi or less.


  • Model new proposed high, medium and low pressure underground steam piping system to verify conformance with specification of 15,000 psi or less throughout system.
  • Separate models provided for each system; high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure
  • Model included expansion compensation through ā€œVā€ loop type expansion joint, pipe bends, offsets and change in direction.
  • Stress analysis of more than 50 nodes.

Recommendations and Benefits

  • Verified piping system design conformed to specifications.
  • Coordinated model of new work and calculations with installation contractor.