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Retrofit & Remedial Design Work

Sterling’s investigations into malfunctioning building systems often result in remedial design work. Investigating and understanding why building systems are operating inefficiently, underperforming, or failing is only half the task. Once the investigation is completed there must be a plan of action to mitigate or correct the existing deficiencies. This is where Sterling excels – finding and implementing solutions.

Sterling provides a hands-on approach. Our principals and senior engineers can be found at a facilities planning meeting with the most senior members of our client companies in the morning, and then out in the field with their shirtsleeves rolled up in the afternoon. This ability to be flexible and responsive is the standard our clients have come to expect.

Whether the project at hand requires only a few hours of consulting time from our principals, or our entire staff dedicated for weeks on end to a large-scale multidiscipline design, Sterling holds the client’s interests with the same significance. Large or small, complex or simple, specialty or standard, our focus – and that of our clients – is results. Results that can be measured by improved performance, safety, reliability, and efficiency.

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