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An optical technologies manufacturer needed to triple their manufacturing capacity due to increased customer demand. Additional optical cleanroom area was needed, which required additional process piping with temperature control, pressure, and flow within allowable tolerances.


  • Extensive process piping for new cleanroom area. The design included process piping of cryogenic source nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen to new equipment, as well as high purity process gas distribution for helium, chlorine, freon, oxygen, nitrogen, hexafluoride, tetrafluoride, and trichloride compounds to new and existing equipment
  • Liquid chemical delivery piping system for oxychloride, geranium, and tetrachloride compounds
  • Toxic gas and air monitoring system for toxic and corrosive gases and liquids
  • Preparation of detailed process gas utility matrix
  • Design, detailing and selection of custom engineered process heat exchangers for oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen
  • Design, selection and detailing of purge panels, bulkhead assemblies, valving connections, pipe supports, valve manifold boxes and pull boxes
  • Specifications for orbital butt-welding procedures, purging procedures, passivation procedures, cleaning, testing and qualifying procedures
  • Design of electrical heat tracing and insulation system for coaxial toxic gas piping system


  • Cascade pressure-regulating system (three stages) prevents pressure fluctuations in one piece of equipment from affecting adjacent equipment
  • Control of toxic and corrosive gases and liquids with dual
    containment piping and toxic gas monitoring