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As part of a multi-year research initiative, this prominent East Coast university needed to build-out a suite of research spaces to accommodate a grant-funded nanotechnology lab.With an impending deadline for completion, schedule became the driving force to complete the design process and get long-lead items on order early in the project, which forced a cohesive basis of design be developed very early in the project.


  • Conversion of a 1550 sq ft space from lab/office area to a 390 sq ft 209E Class 10 cleanroom, a supporting Class 100,000 450 sqft space with adjoining service chases.

  • Make-up air and distribution to support 40,000 CFM clean spaces through direct HEPA connections and Cleanpak fan filter units.

  • New 20 hp air dryer/compressor and dual 3 hp vacuum pumps for cleanroom services. New 99.9995% HP N2 distribution system sized for clean process requirements.

  • Retrofit existing 750 sqft lab area with new piping services: 25 psi air, CDA, gas, process hot and cold water, semiconductor grade (18Mohm or better) deionized water, HP N2 and process vac. Acid waste and venting was provided for both the lab and clean spaces.

  • Two 15-hp exhaust fans were designed for N+1 redundancy. Each was capable of maintaining a 6” w.c. static, 8,000 CFM system. Design included stack/nozzle flow calculation for proper jet and diffusion from the stack outlet and motorized isolation for changeover.

  • Lab and cleanroom lighting design including end-user process needs, energy code compliant and clean space flow concerns. Occupancy lighting sensors were incorporated for energy savings.

  • Electrical bus duct tap designed to support the clean space with 225A service.


  • Converted dirty space into multiuse Class 10 and 100K space with tight +/-2 deg F and 40% Rh +/- 5%.

  • Mitigated demolition of existing services and retrofitted piping and HVAC system for cost savings.

  • Cascade pressure and containment design maintained clean space and minimizes infiltration from dirty areas.

  • Sizing and specifications for high purity process gas and liquids sufficient for client’s needs.